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MSU President Comments On Snyder’s Education Spending Plans

University presidents Tuesday paraded before members of the House and Senate higher education budget committees which will decide how much should be spent on Michigan’s 15 public universities. Governor Rick Snyder proposed a 2% boost in state aid but only if the schools agreed to cap their tuition hikes at …

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Sentencing Guidelines Under Review

Legislative workgroups begin meeting in Lansing Wednesday in a renewed effort to reform sentencing guidelines in Michigan. Lawmakers admit to the delicate nature of the discussion, since changing guidelines in an effort to reduce costs in corrections can be interpreted as being soft on crime. Two bills to reform the guidelines …

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Vote Possible On Concealed Weapon Changes

Michigan‘s county gun board permit system for concealed weapons would be scrapped under a pair of bills that could see a vote in the Michigan House as early as Wednesday. The bills have already passed the Senate. The measure transfers most county gun board tasks to local county clerks. This …

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