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Road Funding on the Way?

State lawmakers continue to work on a compromise supplemental budget bill in Lansing, which could include spending about 200 million dollars more this year for roads. The proposal follows concerns raised by local road commissions who are facing winter budget woes due to recent harsh weather. The plan is to …

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Landline Phone Service Could Be Cut Off

Legislation that could make it easier for telephone companies to end landline service has been approved by the Michigan House of Representatives. The bill removes the role of the Michigan Public Service Commission in any effort by a phone company in abandoning a local exchange. Instead, the bill leaves the …

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Insurances Offering Abortion Coverage

Seven health insurance companies in Michigan will be offering abortion coverage riders when a new law takes effect on Thursday. State lawmakers in December passed a law prompted by a Right to Life petition drive and not subject to a veto from Governor Snyder to outlaw insurance companies from offering …

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