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Report on Charities

A new report found that charities received only thirty-eight cents for every dollar raised by professional fundraisers licensed in Michigan, up three percent from last year. Michigan’s second annual Professional Fundraising Charitable Solicitation Report includes the results of fundraising campaigns reported to the Attorney General during the 2013 calendar year. …

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Electronics Recycling in MI Hits 30M

Michiganders recycled more than 30 million pounds of unwanted electronics in 2013, exceeding the Department of Environmental Quality’s goal of three pounds per person. The Michigan Electronics Takeback Program, implemented in 2009, provides opportunities for consumers and small businesses to recycle their unwanted TVs, desktop and laptop computers, tablets, computer …

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Meeting Electricity Needs in MI

Nearly a third of Michigan’s electricity needs could be met by tripling the amount of power from in-state renewable sources by 2030, at nearly no cost to consumers, according to a new report. The Union of Concerned Scientists released the report yesterday that found if the state were to ramp …

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