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Auto Sales Improving

February car and truck sales for Detroit’s automakers are showing significant improvement from January, but aren’t yet completely out of the deep freeze. General Motor’s 1 percent sales drop was a better performance than analysts expected.  Chrysler, meanwhile, posted an 11 percent sales gain, its 47th-consecutive month of year-over-years sales …

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Gas Prices Are Up

The average price for a gallon of gas is up this week in Michigan, compared to last week. AAA Michigan reports that motorists are finding the average price increased by 9.8 cents per gallon. The statewide average is now $3.69 per gallon. While it’s more than last week, it’s still …

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CopperDog 150 Recap

This weekend wrapped up the CopperDog 150 race and despite the temperatures dipping below zero, a great crowd showed up the entire weekend. The winner of this year’s race was Jake Golton from L’Amable, Ontario, Canada with a time of 3 hours and just under 26 minutes. Golton says the …

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