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Highland Copper Plans on Another Purchase

The company that recently purchased the White Pine Mine is adding another potential western Upper Peninsula copper mine to its portfolio. Highland Copper has announced plans to purchase the Copperwood Project. Copperwood is located about 18 miles south of the White Pine property. It was developed by Orvana Minerals, and …

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More Potholes Than Usual

If you think there’s more potholes this year than last year, Michigan’s Director of Transportation says it’s not your imagination. Kirk Steudle says this winter has been rough on roads, and it comes just as Michigan’s need for road funding is growing. He says when this year’s thaw takes place, …

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New State Law on Poaching Bucks

New state laws designed to deter poaching of antlered bucks, especially those with trophy-sized racks, and to reduce recreational trespass are now in effect in Michigan. The Department of Natural Resources says the new laws make several changes to the fines and restitution payments for poaching deer, including a progressive …

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