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Protecting Animals from Abusers

The effort is continuing at the Capitol to make it easier to protect adoptive animals from animal abusers. Under a proposal before the House Judiciary Committee, animal shelters would be allowed free use of the state’s registry, to check for a history of animal abuse among those seeking to adopt …

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New Billboard Laws

Governor Snyder has signed legislation that revises existing law regarding the placement and maintenance of billboards in Michigan. Snyder says the legislation will bring more common sense to the state’s billboard regulations and will ensure Michigan continues to receive vital federal road funding by bringing the state in line with …

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Winter Carnival 2014

Winter Carnival is finally here and a weeks worth of festivities begins this weekend. BlueKey President Jack Lubinski says they would love to see a great turnout from the community for the event. Tomorrow morning, the preliminary rounds of ice fishing, curling, snow volleyball and the yooper sprint will be …

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