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Dingell Targets Currency Manipulation

A bipartisan group of US Representatives led by Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell are calling for a more aggressive effort to stop currency manipulation by certain foreign countries. Currency manipulation bypasses the natural market supply and demand function, to the benefit of the country that manipulates. Both US Senators and Representatives …

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Committee Considers Electoral Changes

Testimony opened in Lansing Thursday on legislation to hand out electoral votes in a presidential election based on the overall percentage of the statewide vote in Michigan. A companion bill would have Michigan joining a compact to have a common nationwide electoral policy. But a rival proposal would award an …

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Bill to Add Off-Duty EMS Providers to Good Samaritan Law Advances

A bill aimed at protecting off-duty emergency medical service (EMS) providers from lawsuits when they provide emergency care is headed to the state Senate. Currently in Michigan, off-duty medical professionals like doctors and nurses can’t be sued as a result of providing medical care in an emergency when they are …

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