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Asian Carp Moving Closer To Lake Michigan

The dreaded Asian Carp is inching closer to Lake Michigan. A committee made up federal and state agencies monitoring the invasive fish found two small carp 12 miles closer to the lake, putting Asian Carp 66 miles closer to Lake Michigan than it was earlier in the year. However the …

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Disgraced Former Lawmakrs Try Comeback

Two disgraced former legislators, one who recently resigned under pressure and the other expelled for wrongdoing, try for comebacks on Tuesday. Todd Courser resigned after admitting he misused state resources to hide an affair with former legislator Cindy Gamrat, who made the same admission. She was expelled. Gamrat is running …

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Teenager Hit By Car While Trick-or-Treating

Police say a 14-year-old girl, who was hit by two cars and dragged almost two miles down the road, near Ann Arbor is lucky to be alive. The girl was out trick-or-treating Saturday night. Police say she was in the center lane, trying to cross a road, when she was …

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