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Pilot Program to Promote Safe Driving for Teens

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has unveiled a pilot program with Big Brothers Big Sisters to help at-risk teens gain practical driving experience. With a Level 1 license or learner’s permit under Michigan’s licensing program, young drivers must log a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving with a parent, …

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Teachers Unions Question Snyder on Education

Ahead of Governor Rick Snyder’s State of the State Address Thursday, teachers unions are criticizing the governor’s education policies. Governor Snyder is expected to highlight some of his successes and future plans for education in Michigan during this week’s speech, but some education advocates are criticizing Snyder’s record of public …

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Preliminary Hearing for Nassiri Case

Today is the preliminary hearing for Nima Nassiri, the 34-year-old man who is accused of second degree murder for his alleged assault on his wife 27-year-old Sanaz Nezami, which lead to her death due to the injuries. The story has garnered some national attention from publications such as the Huffington …

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