Recent Updates

New Concussion Test For High School Players

The Michigan High School Athletic Association will begin a pilot program this fall using a new test to check for concussions in athletes. Executive Director Jack Roberts says anyone suspected of “getting their bell rung” will be asked to look at cards, or an iPad and read some numbers. The …

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Union Backing Proposal One

The state’s largest union has joined the yes vote campaign to fix Michigan’s roads with a one-cent sales tax increase. AFL-CIO President Karla Swift says it’s not everyday that business and labor agree on major economic issues, but this is an area where it’s easy to find common ground. Republican …

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New Agency To Oversee State’s Energy Programs

Governor Rick Snyder has signed an executive order creating a new agency to coordinate the state’s energy programs. Valerie Brader, Snyder’s top aide on energy matters, will lead the new Michigan Agency for Energy which will focus on coordinating efforts and decisions as the state looks to replace retiring coal-fired …

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