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Dianda Wants Energy Independence

When the Michigan House returns to session today, one of the items on the agenda is a package of three new bills that would increase Michigan’s energy independence from other states. State Representative Scott Dianda wrote one of the bills which would relax regulations on customer energy generation while ensuring safety …

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Isle Royale Ballast Test Results

Isle Royale National Park is continuing its efforts to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. The park released reports on its ballast water treatment technology on one of its ships, the Ranger III. A reponse treatment using chlorine, a filtration system and ultra-violet technology was used to detect invasive …

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Remember to Pay Use Tax

The Michigan Department of Treasury is reminding shoppers that purchases made on-line are not tax-free during holiday season, or at any other time of year. Michigan’s Use Tax generally applies to transactions in which the retailer does not collect sales tax. This happens most frequently when purchases are made from …

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