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Mild Winter Expected This Year

By this time of the year, Yoopers are already anticipating the first signs of winter but if you think we’ll have one like last year’s, thinkg again. According to federal weather forecasters, a new report says that chances of an extremely hard winter like the one Michigan experienced last winter …

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Human Trafficking Bills Signed

Governor Rick Snyder has signed into law a large package of bills that, among other things, makes human trafficking punishable by imprisonment for life and permanently creates the state Human Trafficking Commission within the Attorney General’s Office. Snyder says it’s unacceptable that a dangerous and appalling practice like human trafficking …

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Vast Majority of Teachers Experienced Cuts

The Michigan Education Association says nearly 80 percent of teachers in the state have experienced funding cuts at their schools in the past four years. The president of the state’s teachers union says K-12 funding cuts aren’t campaign rhetoric ahead of the election next month. Democrats and the MEA say …

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