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Natural Gas Considered As Vehicle Fuel

As the auto industry moves away from more fuel efficient vehicles and away from traditional fossil fuels, one replacement power source may be the use of natural gas. Kyle Isakower, American Petroleum Institute Vice-President for Regulatory and Economic Policy, says currently natural gas is being used in a number of …

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Look Ahead To Supreme Court Case Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

Arguments regarding Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage are just over two weeks away. A group of cases before the US Supreme Court come from the Cincinnati-based 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which has been the only federal appellate court to uphold state bans on same-sex marriage, since the federal anti-gay marriage …

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Group Wants College Advisers In High School

A move is underway to provide college advisers to high schools in Michigan. Currently most high schools don’t have specialists who help students find things like the right college and the best financial aid. The Michigan College Access Network says it will hire and add 40 advisers to schools around …

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