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State Democrats Call For More Transparency

Democrats in the House and Senate are calling for more government transparency. They will be introducing legislation demanding more transparency and accountability of Michigan elected officials and top administration officials. Under the state’s Freedom of Information Act anyone can be a watchdog for the government except when it comes to …

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House To Consider Legalizing Ticket Scalping

A Michigan House committee Tuesday approved a measure to repeal Michigan’s ban on ticket scalping. Ticket scalping is when an event ticket is sold for more than the face value, sometimes a lot more. Sponsors say when a person buys a ticket for a game, it should be considered the …

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Adoption Service Bill Headed To House

Faith-based adoption agencies in Michigan which claim a religious exemption would be allowed to decline services to certain potential adoptive parents without risk of losing public funding, under bills now ready for a vote in the Michigan House. Republicans mostly support the bills, and Democrats have largely opposed them. Supporters …

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