Recent Updates

Supplemental Bill Approved

The proposal to add more than 300 million dollars to state spending this year was approved by both the Michigan House and Michigan Senate Wednesday afternoon. Among other things, the measure spends 215 million dollars for road funding. Under the proposal, 100 million will go to special winter road maintenance, …

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Liquor License Expansion

Legislation that would streamline the state’s liquor licensing process and allow microbreweries to expand is headed to Governor Rick Snyder. The state House and Senate yesterday approved amendments to Michigan’s liquor laws. The legislation would allow microbreweries in the state to produce up to 60,000 barrels a year. That’s double …

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Consumers Frustrated with Scalping Bill

As Michigan lawmakers continue to debate a proposal to repeal the state’s ban on ticket scalping, a new poll shows public support for changes to the state’s 1931 ticket resale law. Currently, Michigan law prohibits the “average” person from reselling event tickets for more than face value without the written …

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