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Friday 13th Lucky Day For Lottery Winners

Today is Friday the 13th and Michigan Lottery officials say the supposedly unluckiest of days has been a particularly lucky date for Lottery players. Since 2009, 11 players and one lottery club have won more than $95.5 million in big prizes playing the multi-state Mega Millions game. Friday the 13th …

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Bills Would Prohibit MEGA Tax Extensions

Republican lawmakers have introduced bills in Lansing that would prohibit the extension of tax credits originating under the now-defunct Michigan Economic Growth Authority, which have accumulated a $9.4 billion liability in the state and caused a budget shortfall in the current fiscal year. The first bill prohibits MEGA tax credit …

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Snyder Moves School Reform Office

Governor Rick Snyder has issued an executive order moving the state’s School Reform Office — designed to improve struggling schools — from the Michigan Department of Education and Democrat-controlled State Board of Education, into his department of Technology, Management and Budget. Democrats were quick to criticize the move. The governor …

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