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Women Catching Up To Men In Driving Miles

Women in the US are slowly catching up to men in the number of miles driven each year. The study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that over the past 50 years, miles driven by men rose 33 percent, but for women the increase was a whopping …

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FTC Wants Automotive Ban Lifted

The Federal Trade Commission is urging the Michigan legislature to reconsider its ban on automakers like Tesla Motors from selling directly to consumers. The FTC Tuesday sent a letter to Senate Republican Darwin Booher of Evart urging the state to end its ban, saying it would benefit consumers. Booher had …

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Push Underway To Make Ladybug Official State Insect

A bill has been introduced in the Michigan House to make the ladybug the official insect of Michigan. State Representative Ed McBroom is sponsoring the bill on behalf of Connor Royer, a third grader at Lemmer Elementary in Escanaba. Connor learned, through a history lesson, that Michigan doesn’t have a …

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