Recent Updates

Western U.P. Health Dept. Announces New Health Officer

The Western U.P. Health Department has a new chief health officer. Kate Beer will take over for the departing Guy St. Germain, effective on October 1st. Beer has been working at the health department for 18 years, serving as the director of accounting and finance. She also served as the …

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Second-Degree Murder for Nassiri

The verdict has been decided in the Nima Nassiri murder case. Yesterday, the jury found Nassiri guilty of second-degree murder for the death of his wife, Senaz Nezami. As part of their deliberations, the jury did ask for photos from the hospital and the autopsy, as well as to listen …

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New Traffic Stops in Hancock

The controversial intersections in Hancock are getting another makeover. Back in May, the Hancock City Council voted to turn White Street into a one-way going up and this led to many complaints from residents on Pine and Elevation Streets about the excess traffic from US-41 that would try to take …

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