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Lincoln Continental Returning

The Lincoln Continental is returning. Lincoln Motors is showing off a Continental concept vehicle at the New York Auto Show this week. Company officials say it will compete with BMW, Mercedes, and a new Cadillac flagship sedan, for a share of the growing luxury car market. This is the 10th …

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Detroit School Debt State’s Fault?

A group of academic, business, government and community leaders in southeast Michigan says you and I should be responsible for the huge debt that the Detroit Public School District has run up. The Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren has called on the state to return control of the …

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Motorcycle Safety Stressed

The State of Michigan is beefing up its motorcycle drivers safety program. The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning will give a specially-designed high-visibility vest to motorcycle drivers who successfully complete a public-sponsored rider training class this year. The vests will be paid for with federal money. It’s part of …

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