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Wounded Owl Ready To Be Released

The great horned owl that was shot in downtown Marquette in May will be released back to the wild today at 5 p.m. The owl release will be at Harlow Park in Marquette. Wildlife rehabilitors at the Chocolay Raptor Center are calling him the most famous bird in Marquette County. …

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Gas Prices Dip Down

Gas prices across Michigan are down for the third consecutive week, falling by at least ten-cents per gallon from last week, according to AAA Michigan. The latest Auto Club survey shows the current statewide average for self-serve unleaded fuel is $2.62 per gallon. That’s ten cents less than last week’s …

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Meetings To Being On Wolves and Moose On Isle Royale

The first steps in creating a plan to manage the wolf population on Isle Royale begins in earnest this week with a series of public hearings. Nine wolves lived on the island two years ago, now only three do. Park Superintendent Phyllis Green says, so far, they’ve been letting nature …

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