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Survey Asks How Government Leaders Rate Roads

Fewer than one in five local government leaders label their roads in good condition, according to a new University of Michigan survey. The survey questioned top elected and appointed officials in the state’s 1,800 or so units of government on a wide range of road-related issues. The majority said their roads …

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Record Amount of Campaign Funds Raised in 2014

A new report shows Michigan political action committees (PAC) raised a record setting $68 million in the 2014 election cycle. According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, the 150 political action committees that raised the most money during the two-year 2014 cycle brought in about $17 million more than the …

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Mixed Feelings By Retailers On Proposed Sales Tax Hike

While approval would have its benefits, the state’s largest retailers organization has taken no position on the upcoming May vote on how to raise more funding for the repair of Michigan roads and bridges. As the exact wording becomes finalized this week, Tom Scott, of the Michigan Retailers Association says …

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