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DEQ Proposes New Air-Pollution Permit Rules

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is proposing new rules regarding air-pollution permits, but at least one environmental group doesn’t like them. The proposed rules would bring the number of automatically regulated contaminants down from about 1,200 to 756. DEQ spokeswoman, Barb Rosenbaum, says the new rules exclude low-toxicity non-carcinogens …

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New Dem Party Chair Wants LGBT Protection Ballot Initiative

The new head of Michigan’s Democratic Party wants lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered advocates to forge ahead on a 2016 ballot initiative seeking anti-discrimination protections. Some advocates say doing so could be pricey but Brandon Dillon says – with little education – it would do well at the ballot box. …

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Bill Proposes Fee of $50 for Every 10,000 Miles you Drive

A bill introduced this week in the Michigan House would create a new, yearly fee drivers would have to pay. It would be based on the number of miles you drive; $50 for every 10,000 miles. State Representative Robert Kosowski is sponsoring the measure. He says the fee would be …

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