Recent Updates

Emergency Contact Information Could Be Added To ID’s

Emergency contact information could be included on the back of your Michigan driver’s license or ID card under a bill awaiting a vote in the State House. The information would be encrypted and could only be read by police officers or emergency medical personnel by running it through a computer. …

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ACLU Set To Fight Faith-Based Adoption Law

The ACLU of Michigan may challenge a bill the governor recently signed into law allowing faith based adoption agencies to turn away parents if they don’t match up with the agencies religious beliefs. Attorney Brooke Tucker says the new law should be challenged immediately. Tucker says adoption agencies that don’t …

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Special Education Survey Available

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is asking parents to fill out an online survey sharing their experiences in Michigan’s special education system. Calley is looking for ideas to help build proposals to improve special education since testifying in December against changes being put before lawmakers at the time. His office says …

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