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U.P. Man Shot in Minnesota

Law enforcement authorities in Minnesota are continuing their investigation into the death of an Upper Peninsula man. 21-year-old Chaz Michael Havenor was shot by two officers from the police department in Ramsey, Minnesota, about 30 miles north of Minneapolis. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says the Ramsey officers approached …

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Labor Day Traffic Patrols Continue

Stepped up holiday weekend traffic enforcement on Michigan’s highways will continue until midnight tonight. Michigan State Police and many local law enforcement agencies will be fielding extra patrols. The focus is pulling over drunk drivers, those driving dangerously, and those not wearing seatbelts. Last year, nine fatal traffic crashes killed …

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Minimum Wage Increases Today

Minimum wage employees in Michigan get a raise today. The revision in the state’s wage laws that was signed into law this spring mandates that hourly wage workers begin receiving $8.15 per hour, beginning today. Employees who earn tips must now be paid at least $3.10 per hour. Employers must …

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