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Falcons Return To Lift Bridge

The lift bridge is an unlikely abode for many critters, but for a pair of peregrine falcons, it’s home sweet home. Tech Today says the pair are likely the same birds who nested atop the lift bridge last year and raised three chicks. This year, they chose the high nesting …

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Snyder Continues To Dodge Presidential Run Question

Governor Rick Snyder says he plans to decide whether to run for president “in the next couple of months or so.” Snyder made the comment to Bloomberg News when questioned about a decision on a presidential run. Asked if the odds of him running for president are better than 50 …

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Workplace Homicides Rise As Work-Related Deaths Fall

Early figures from an annual Michigan State University report indicate that the number of workplace deaths in Michigan has decreased, but work-related homicides may be rising. The Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program, or MIFACE, shows an estimated 125 workers died while on the job in 2014, down from …

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