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Community College Grants Could Come Back

The Michigan House is poised to take up a bill that would resurrect a grant for adults who want to go back to community college and finish their degree. Nearly $3 million would be made available to adults who left community college but want to go back part time. State …

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Bill Would Ease Restrictions On Bake Sales

A bill before a Michigan House Committee would ease current restrictions on bake sales in Michigan public schools. It’s in response to new nutritional standards that have effectively shut down sales that include anything on the federal restricted list of approved food items for schools. Boy Scouts testified before the …

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Bill Encourages Personal Financial Education

Some state lawmakers say too many young people in Michigan don’t know how to handle their own finances. And it’s time they learned. A bill in a Michigan House committee, would allow a personal economics course in high school to count toward the state’s required economics credit in Michigan schools. …

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