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Wolf Hunt Cattle Farmer Sells Animals

The Ontonagon County man at the center of this Fall’s Wolf Hunt controversy who is accused of abusing his animals has sold his cattle. According to the Department of Natural Resources, John Koski, 68, sold about 100 animals last month. The DNR said Koski sold his animals because he was …

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More Road Funding

A new proposal has surfaced in Lansing to generate more revenue for roads in Michigan, and it does not include a general gas tax increase at the pump. In addition to the $215 million approved for roads last week, lawmakers are finalizing a bipartisan package that could see another $300-400 …

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MI Unemployment Rate

Michigan had the nation’s fifth-highest unemployment rate in January, when the rate fell to 7.8 percent compared to 8.3 percent in December. The state’s overall standing did improve from December when it was tied with California for the fourth-highest rate, and its 0.5 percentage point drop was among the largest …

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