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Hancock Winter Tori

Tomorrow the Hancock Tori will take place at the First United Methodist Church on Quincy Street. Jeanie Medlin, one of the organizers of the Tori says there will be lots of great things to eat. The Tori will also feature local arts and crafts. Sandy Soring says they are expecting …

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Prohibiting E-Cigs to Minors

The Michigan Senate has approved and sent to the House bills that prohibit the selling of electronic cigarettes to those under the age of 18 in Michigan. Sponsors say the idea is to protect young people, since e-cigarettes deliver nicotine. Governor Rick Snyder and certain health advocacy groups oppose the …

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Getting Rid of the “R-Word”

Governor Snyder has legislation before him to remove all instances of of the words “retardation” and “retarded” from state laws. The House and Senate passed on Wednesday respective bills that would replace the words with “developmental disability” or “intellectually disabled.” The bills passed unanimously in both chambers. Republican Senator Rick …

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