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Benishek Looks to “Fix” Healthcare System

U.S. Congressman Dan Benishek recently introduced new legislation that would help protect patients and ensure that Americans do not lose their health insurance when they become sick. The bill would prevent insurance companies from cancelling an individual’s health insurance unless that individual had engaged in fraud or intentional misrepresentation with …

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DEQ Makes Grant Money Available

Roughly $2.6 million in grant money is being made available by the state Department of Environmental Quality. The DEQ is seeking applications for water quality projects to restore and protect wetlands, lakes and streams. Proposals must include at least a 25-percent local match in funding. The funding is coming from …

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Bill Looks to Repeal Fireworks Laws

A bill was officially introduced in Lansing this week to repeal Michigan’s new fireworks law, and restore Michigan’s pre-2011 fireworks regulations. State Senate Democrat Glenn Anderson of Westland, who sponsors the legislation, says because of “complaints, injuries and outcry” from local officials and citizens about the use of explosive and …

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