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CCW Law Changes Vetoed

Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed two bills that would substantially change the state’s process for issuing a license to carry a concealed weapon. Snyder says the measures include some reforms he supports, but include changes that might inadvertently increase the risk of violence and intimidation faced by domestic abuse victims …

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Internet Retailers Must Charge Sales Tax, Law Says

It has taken more than a decade, but the Michigan Retailers Association has finally achieved their goal of requiring some internet retailers to charge the state’s sales tax at the time of an internet purchase. Governor Rick Snyder has signed the so-called “Mainstreet Fairness Act” legislation approved during the waning …

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DNR Expresses Concerns Over Limestone Mine Site Sale

Six Department of Natural Resources division heads are rejecting a proposed land deal in the eastern Upper Peninsula that would be the largest public land sale in state history. The six sent the recommendation to DNR Director Keith Creagh opposing the sale of more than 10,000 acres of public surface …

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