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A New Engineers PAC

There’s a new political action committee on the block. And it’s being formed by an engineers union. MIRS-News reports that Michigan’s Operating Engineers is creating a SuperPAC in 2014, with the goal of pushing for increased funding for transportation projects. The labor union says it takes a more “policy” over …

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A Busy Year for the Michigan Legislature

Governor Rick Snyder signed just under 280 bills into law in 2013, including controversial legislation expanding Medicaid in Michigan, a move connected to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. According to Gongwer News, the Medicaid bill was the top piece of legislation for 2013. Ranking second was an …

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Duggan Ready to Make History

His powers are limited due to the presence of state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr, but Mike Duggan has become the first white man to serve as mayor of Detroit in 40 years. The Motor City is going through bankruptcy and faces an uphill climb to return to local control, but …

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