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Enrollment for Expanded Medicaid Begins

The Michigan Department of Community Health says low-income adults can begin enrolling for health insurance in the state’s Healthy Michigan Plan starting April 1 under Michigan’s expansion of Medicaid. The plan expands eligibility to people between the ages of 19-64, not currently eligible for Medicaid, not eligible for or enrolled …

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Polls Show What Voters Care About

This year’s election is likely to be based on two primary issues: roads and K-12 education. That, according to political consultant TJ Bucholz of Lambert-Edwards and Associates. A new poll released by the firm shows that any state spending should be on K-12 education and roads. Bucholz says they offered …

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Bill Approved to Drug Trust Welfare Recepients

The Michigan Senate Thursday approved a bill setting up a pilot program that would allow for suspicion-based drug test of welfare recipients. The Republican sponsored bill was approved along party lines, with Democrats opposing. Under the proposal, the program would be set up in three counties, although those counties have …

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