Recent Updates

Milligan to Remain as MTU CIO

Michigan Tech’s chief information officer Walt Milligan will continue to serve as the university’s CIO while holding a dual position as professor of materials science and engineering. Milligan is retaining his position as CIO, which he has held since 2006, because Dan DeBeaubien recently announced that he is leaving the …

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Cold Summer Coming for the U.P.

Lake Superior is expected to have one of the coldest summer’s in decades following the record setting chill of this past winter. Scientists at the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center, a federally funded collaboration between University of Michigan and Michigan State University, are predicting that North America’s largest …

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Roadcheck 2014

Michigan State Police Motor Carrier officers are joining more than 10,000 federal, state and local inspectors from the United States, Canada and Mexico for a vehicle inspection operation. “Roadcheck 2014” is an annual program designed to ensure highway safety by inspecting commercial vehicles. Officers will focus on cargo securement, brake …

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