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Prevailing Wage Law Repeal Proposed

A trio of Michigan House Republicans has wasted no time in pushing for a complete repeal of Michigan’s prevailing wage law. The law, which has been criticized by conservatives for decades, requires hourly pay on government construction projects to be based on the prevailing wage in a given area. The …

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Pension Tax Repeal Proposed

A freshmen state representative from Eaton County introduced a bill on the first day of the legislative term Thursday to repeal Michigan’s pension tax. House Republican Tom Barrett of Potterville says it is fundamentally unfair to tax our retirees in a way that they could not anticipate throughout their working …

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CCW Law Changes Vetoed

Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed two bills that would substantially change the state’s process for issuing a license to carry a concealed weapon. Snyder says the measures include some reforms he supports, but include changes that might inadvertently increase the risk of violence and intimidation faced by domestic abuse victims …

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