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Snyder Accused of Preferential Treatment to Family Member

Michigan Democrats are alleging that Governor Rick Snyder’s cousin got preferential treatment in landing a $41 million furniture contract with the state in 2011, his first year in office. The party has filed a massive document, filled with internal emails inside the governor’s office with the U.S. Attorney in West …

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Class Action Lawsuit Against GM

A new class action suit has been filed against General Motors in connection with an ignition switch problem that has led to dozens of crashes and at least 12 deaths. The lawsuit filed Monday includes stories from 13-plaintiffs who all outline how the faulty switch caused them to lose control …

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Microbrewery Expansion

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a package of bills that allow microbreweries to expand in Michigan. The legislation would allow microbreweries in the state to produce up to 60,000 barrels a year. That’s double the current limit of 30,000. Additionally, small microbreweries that produce less than 1,000 barrels of beer …

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