Recent Updates

Changes in Spring Weight Restrictions

Spring weight restriction will be temporarily modified to allow normal legal loads on county roads next week. The change will remain in effect from just after midnight on Monday March 24th until 8am on Wednesday March 26th, which is subject to change based on weather and road conditions. Full implementation …

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Schuette Going After Ferrelgas After Hearing Complaints

After receiving some 700 complaints alleging unfair pricing and unfair business practices in the propane industry, Attorney General Bill Schuette says he has issued civil subpoenas as part of an investigation. The subpoenas were filed in Saginaw County Circuit Court and the court ordered Ferrellgas – which was the target …

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Enrollment for Expanded Medicaid Begins

The Michigan Department of Community Health says low-income adults can begin enrolling for health insurance in the state’s Healthy Michigan Plan starting April 1 under Michigan’s expansion of Medicaid. The plan expands eligibility to people between the ages of 19-64, not currently eligible for Medicaid, not eligible for or enrolled …

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